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Is Coronavirus Covered Under Business Interruption Insurance?

How Does Business Interruption Insurance Work? Business Interruption Insurance coverage is typically triggered under a commercial insurance policy when a covered risk or peril causes physical damage to the insured premises resulting in the need to shut down business operations.  For example, if a fire damages a business and the business cannot operate during repairs, business interruption coverage would be available subject to the terms and limits in the policy. When does Business Interruption

10 Reasons to Have Landlord Insurance

Are you a landlord?  Do you rent out rental property to tenants?  If yes, you need a specialized form of insurance called landlord insurance to avoid serious financial and legal risks.  A standard homeowners insurance doesn't cover many needs you might have as a landlord. 10 Reasons To Have Landlord Insurance 1. Homeowners Insurance Claims Are Often Denied If the Property Is Rented If you're habitually and regularly renting your property, and/or you are

What is Assignment of Benefits?

What is Assignment of Benefits? Assignment of Benefits (AOB) is an agreement that, once signed, transfers the insurance claims rights or benefits of your insurance policy to a third party.  An AOB gives the third party authority to file a claim, make repair decisions and collect insurance payments without your involvement. AOBs have been used with life and health insurance policies for many years.  However, AOBs are now being commonly used in homeowners’ insurance

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